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We are specifically interested in advances in Hepatitis C treatment, in part because there are so much fewer ways  for physicians to stay abreast of the changes. Prior to the Sunshine Act, Healthcare providers were kept fully informed of developments in drug development from lecture programs and symposia. These allowed interaction between specialists that traded patient experience and shaed new information on clinical problems. The pace of drug development, in the case of hepatitis C was painfully slow and doctors found it very easy to keep up. Like all technology, drug devlopment in the second half of this decade has grown exponentially. The need for education in drug development has never been greater.

So, now tell me, Lawmakers and designers of the Sunshine Act - who suffers? Rich doctors, who at the end of a gruelling 15-hour day, during which they are forced to see patients at the rate of one every 15 minutes, they are enticed to Steak dinners with fancy wines at fancy restaurants, instead of warminng-up with their parent-deprived families, cosy chairs and warm beds ? Or patients, who cannot now benefit from the well-informed opinions of these learned intermediaries? 

We will leave it to the reader to decide. However, as best we can, FindADoc will bring you nuggets of information, richly distilled and presented like nouvelle cuisine, in small delicious packages. Just keep coming!! 

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