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Pain Management

by Dominique Schiffer, MD | June 28th, 2017

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About Nicky

As long as I can remember, I have wanted to take care of people and animals that were ill or in pain.  Ultimately that evolved into becoming an Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine Specialist.
My journey has been a bit convoluted, but because of this I ultimately found my true life’s passion.  I graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Environmental Science.  I spent the next 6 years in the Navy as a Line Officer.  I began Medical School at University of Illinois in 1985, and completed my Anesthesiology Residency in 1993 in the US Army.  In 1994 I completed a Pain Fellowship at University of Texas in San Antonio.  I retired from the Army in 2003, though worked for the Army until 2008.  I’ve been at University of Colorado since then, with a brief hiatus in Landstuhl Germany, at the Army Hospital’s Pain Clinic in 2011-12.  I have spent my time fairly equally in my career between the Operating Room as an Anesthesiologist, and in the Chronic Pain Clinic.  I thoroughly enjoy clinical medicine, no matter the setting. I have also learned Medical Acupuncture through the Helms Institute and enjoy incorporating acupuncture into any practice setting if applicable.

Pain Medicine is truly in it’s infancy.  The more we learn, it seems, the less we really understand about the complexity of pain processing.  Painful syndromes such as Widespread Body Pain (Fibromyalgia), Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (aka RSD) are extremely complicated and we are just at the tip of the iceberg in understanding them.  The “Opioid Epidemic” is a partly a result of our desire to treat painful syndromes and conditions with compassion and immediacy.  However, it turns out that these strong narcotic medications were not a blanket answer to all pain conditions.  There is much to talk about and I look forward to bringing current thinking in the field of Pain Medicine to you.

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