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In Fitness and In Health

by Multiple Authorship | May 28th, 2017

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Concierge Medicine:  6-11-2017

The day after my friend sent me a link to this NY Times article: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/03/business/economy/high-end-medical-care.html , I met a real life concierge internist at a meeting. Full disclosure, I told him that I ran a website FindADoc.Com and that concierge physicians looking to attract patients could do worse that become Featured Docs on FindADoc. He has a patient base of 200 souls and charges $3000 a year, which I quickly translated to $600k a year. He has minimal overheads. No nurses, NP or PA. Patients have direct access...

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Holistic Health

by Carol Graziano, RN | May 24th, 2017

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Carol Graziano, RN

Holistic and alternative medicine are outside the realm of main stream medicine.

This section discusses why we should not ignore non-mainstream medicine


Health and happiness; 12 truths I learned from life and writing

When I woke up this morning, this talk was in my inbox, I was inspired to share it.  It is both nostalgic and inspirational, and touches on many life truths.  It reminds one that acceptance and humility are essential to healing.

Please enjoy


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